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Professional development

Our ability to lead and develop great schools depends on our ability to develop great people within them. Nurturing our talent is vitally important to us, and we therefore want to ensure that high-quality training and professional development opportunities are available to all staff in every Anthem school.

To this end we have designed the Developing Great People Framework — our signature approach to professional support and development for all, delivered in partnership with KYRA.

The result is a professional development programme that has something for everyone:

  • programmes for leadership at all levels, including National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

  • other accredited programmes and national training

  • mentoring and coaching programmes rooted in a review of professional needs

  • training programmes for support staff, linked to National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) and apprenticeship programmes

  • professional development opportunities and training for teachers at all points in their career to become the best practitioners possible.