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Local Governing Bodies

Being a Local Governor is a rewarding and effective way of making a voluntary contribution to your community and to the lives of children and young people within it. Local Governors live or work in the community served by one of our schools and have a keen interest in the school's success.

What is a Local Governor?

Each of our 16 schools has a Local Governing Body who act as advocates of the local community ensuring that the school and the Trust are delivering educational outcomes that are appropriate for the pupils from the local area. Although Local Governors will not necessarily have expertise in education, they bring welcome challenge and support to our headteachers. The LGBs’ specific responsibilities are set out in the Scheme of Delegation.

Who can be a Local Governor?

Anyone with the time, energy and commitment to make a difference to their community. We particularly welcome local business people and individuals with skills or experience in areas such as educational standards, safeguarding, human resources, health & safety and marketing. Selection is based on the completion of an application form and skills audit, and a short interview with an Education Director or Chair of Local Governors.

What does it involve?

As a Local Governor, you would be expected to commit to at least one meeting per term, usually from 6pm to 8pm, attend relevant training and occasionally complete a visit during the school day. Team work, enthusiasm and the ability to ask questions, listen and learn also play a big part.


Please contact or complete the application form below and email it to us via the same address.