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Insights and opinion from across our Trust.
  • Published 10/06/22

    On a quest for best? Time to give it a rest…

    Instead of striving to be perfect, school leaders can achieve far more for themselves and their school by embracing their imperfections and using them as a springboard for growth, advises Marie-Claire Bretherton.

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  • Published 08/04/22

    “My aspiration for our schools is that they are happy, mentally healthy places to learn where children thrive.”

    Lead Practitioner for Teacher Development, Anna Miller, shares why she believes it is vital to invest in mentally healthy schools and how her role with Anthem supports this in our schools.

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  • Published 22/11/21

    Visionary schools are a class act

    As we look forward to this week’s celebration of the nation’s classroom heroes in the Pearson National Teaching Awards, Sam Coy reflects on what his experience as a judge of this annual event has shown him about the importance of visionary leadership.

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  • Published 17/11/21

    Why slow and steady wins in the race for better outcomes

    There is always so much pressure on schools to improve outcomes, to implement…to have ‘activity’, writes guest blogger James Siddle. But taking time to ensure that activity is truly evidence-informed means everyone wins in the long run.

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  • Published 14/07/21

    TAG – we’re it!

    Anthem’s Head of Assessment for Learning, Debbie Wiles, explains how the responsibility for deciding students’ exam results this year has been demanding but revelatory process for our schools.

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  • Published 24/05/21

    Inclusive education means quality first, not second guessing

    Having an inclusive ethos only really means something if it translates into insightful practice that makes a positive difference to the educational experiences and outcomes of every child, writes Andy Yarrow.

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  • Published 21/05/21

    How many educators does it take to change a curriculum? The more, the merrier…

    Big decisions that affect lots of people within an organisation cannot be undertaken lightly, writes Karen Walker. Which is why, when we decided to devise a curriculum intent for the whole Trust, all our schools were asked to pitch in.

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  • Published 04/05/21

    Pandemic perspectives: Simon Morley, Headteacher at Boston West Academy

    Simon Morley began his teaching career in 1997 and is now Headteacher at Anthem’s Boston West Academy in Lincolnshire, an Outstanding primary school that teaches children from four to 11. The school is renowned for its focus on learning outside the classroom and has won many accolades for its work in this area. Here Simon talks about the challenges of the past year and how thinking outside the classroom has kept his pupils learning.

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  • Published 17/03/21

    What lockdown showed us about SEN and the art of inclusive practice

    Securing the right support for pupils with special educational needs can be a battle at the best of times, so how do you go about it when there’s a global pandemic getting in the way? By mobilising an army of SEN professionals to make sure that locking down does not mean missing out, explains Rachel Mason.

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  • Published 12/02/21

    An approach to remote education that’s collective by design

    By Rachel Sewell, Anthem Head of Pedagogy and Curriculum and Vice Principal for Teaching and Learning at St Mark’s Academy.

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  • Published 27/01/21

    Why leaders with integrity give us all hope for the future

    We all want leaders we can believe in, especially at times of great difficulty and what marks out the great from the merely good, writes Anthem CEO Andy Yarrow, is integrity.

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