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Insights and opinion from across our Trust.
  • Published 09/03/23

    Right support? Right place? Right time? A SENCo’s view of the government’s plans for SEND and alternative provision

    Last week saw the long-awaited publication of the government’s plan to reform SEND and alternative provision, The SEND and Alternative Provision (AP) Improvement Plan: Right Support, Right Place, Right Time. Christina Horton, SENCo and senior leader at Anthem’s Mount Street Academy, delivers her verdict…

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  • Published 20/02/23

    Instructional coaching: “This isn't a package of training; this is a culture and an ethos that you want in your school.”

    There’s lots of advice out there on how to implement instructional coaching in secondary schools, but what about primary? Vicki Briody, shares her key lessons learned from leading instructional coaching at Abacus Belsize Primary School and working with 11 other primary schools across our Trust.

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  • Published 17/11/22

    Meet our leaders: Angela Anterkyi

    Angela Anterkyi became Headteacher at Gladstone Park Primary School in 2014, soon after it became an academy. Though daunted by this at first, she says being part of the Trust has helped both her, and the school, go from strength to strength.

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  • Published 06/10/22

    Meet our leaders: Simon Morley

    In September 2017, Simon Morley joined Anthem as Headteacher at Boston West Academy. He describes his five-year journey of headship at the school as exhilarating, with the school and Trust being inextricably intertwined.

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  • Published 10/06/22

    On a quest for best? Time to give it a rest…

    Instead of striving to be perfect, school leaders can achieve far more for themselves and their school by embracing their imperfections and using them as a springboard for growth, advises Marie-Claire Bretherton.

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  • Published 08/04/22

    “My aspiration for our schools is that they are happy, mentally healthy places to learn where children thrive.”

    Lead Practitioner for Teacher Development, Anna Miller, shares why she believes it is vital to invest in mentally healthy schools and how her role with Anthem supports this in our schools.

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  • Published 17/11/21

    Why slow and steady wins in the race for better outcomes

    There is always so much pressure on schools to improve outcomes, to implement…to have ‘activity’, writes guest blogger James Siddle. But taking time to ensure that activity is truly evidence-informed means everyone wins in the long run.

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