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For parents

If your child attends an Anthem school, this page is for you! Here you will find some useful (we hope) answers to questions we often get asked about the Trust, along with some information about key topics.

What is a multi-academy trust?

Academies, and similar types of school such as free schools, are schools funded by central government but run independently of the Local Authority.

A multi-academy trust (MAT) is a single entity that owns and runs a number of academies. The MAT is legally accountable for the educational and financial performance of each school in the group and for reporting these to the Government.

Like every other MAT, Anthem has a master funding agreement with the Department for Education, which is a contract that outlines what we must deliver for the public money we receive to run our schools.

To find out more about how we are governed, and the role of Trustees and Anthem Community Councils (formerly known as local governing bodies), take a look at the main Governance section of this website. 

What is Anthem’s role at my child’s school?

Anthem owns the school your child attends and is the employer of all the people who work there.

It is our responsibility to maintain and improve standards in all areas of the school — from the buildings themselves, to everyone within them. This means putting the right people and resources in place to make sure each school can deliver a high-quality education in a safe and secure environment that meets the needs of the local community. 

Other useful information


If you want your child to attend an Anthem school, you should get in touch with that school for further details. Contact information for all our schools can be found in the Schools section of this website. Applications for school places are usually made via your Local Authority. Please note that we do not manage admissions centrally.

Concerns and complaints

Our Concerns and Complaints Policy, which can be found on the Policies page, has detailed information about how complaints about schools are handled at Anthem. There is a separate policy for complaints about the Trust, which can be found on the Key information page of this website. 


We take the safety, security and wellbeing of all pupils and staff in our schools extremely seriously. Every school is required to have a Designated Safeguarding Lead (or DSL). The DSLs are supported by our Safeguarding Manager, who goes into schools on a regular basis to ensure safeguarding best practice is followed at all times and throughout every Anthem school.

Further information about the safeguarding standards we set for Anthem schools can be found in the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy on our schools' websites.