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NEW for 2023-24: A bold and brave strategy to take governance in a new direction

After months of consultation and refining, Anthem has launched a completely new kind of governance across the Trust.

Following initial Trustee approval last term, and then a successful and genuine consultation with the local stakeholder consultation group and follow-up conversation with our Chair of Trustees, we have now honed and refined our new Anthem governance strategy. 

Final Trustee approval of the refined strategy was obtained on 17 October, so we are now in a position to begin implementing this new approach. During the transition phase, we will be starting to use the new terminology when referring to our local governance tier and running sessions to explain the new processes.

The new name for Anthem’s Local Governing Bodies, most popular in the consultation, is Anthem Community Councils (ACCs). Members of the ACCs will be known as Anthem Community Council Members (ACCMs).  



You will notice from now on that some of the updated and new policies and communications will start to refer to our local tier of governance as ACCs.  Older documentation will be updated in due course to reflect this new name.

You can view the brand new Anthem Governance Strategy below.