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The Anthem Way

How we work to fulfil our vision

The Anthem Way is a set of codified principles and expectations for curriculum, assessment and pedagogy which will help us meet the aims of our Every Student strategy. Written with input from Anthem school leaders, it defines an expert model of teaching for use in every lesson, all the time.

The Anthem Way specifies how we teach in our schools. Our teaching approach is grounded in cognitive science, designed for maximum impact on learning. We will work consistently, lesson by lesson, student by student, to provide evidence-based instruction within a knowledge-rich curriculum.

The Anthem Way also guides how we support students and families. Our goal is to create ambitious, successful schools in which every child thrives. The Anthem Way reflects our commitment to making this vision a reality in all aspects of our work.

The Anthem Curriculum

The Anthem Curriculum is about what we teach. Working together, we are developing an impactful curriculum that is knowledge and disciplinary rich, is underpinned by evidence and research, and meets the needs of every student.