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Aspiring women leaders can turn to coach Caroline

Caroline Boreham, Assistant Head at The Deepings School, has been recommended and accepted as a national coach for women who are aspiring middle and senior leaders in education as part of the Department for Education’s Women Leading in Education scheme.

The nomination is the result of a successful two-year project at the Deepings which has supported 45 women at different levels of leadership from a number of primary and secondary schools in South Lincolnshire.

Following careful evaluation of participants’ needs, Caroline led in a programme of personalised coaching to improve their confidence in dealing with a variety of workplace situations to help them secure promotion and career progression.

The programme has been accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, and has enabled Caroline to take on a senior leadership role of her own after being promoted from Lead Practitioner to Assistant Head at the Deepings.

Commenting on her acceptance as a national Women Leading in Education coach, she said: “I am sure that undertaking this role will benefit our school community, as it gives me a growing network of colleagues in other schools who may be able to offer reciprocal support in different areas of teaching and leadership.”

Women Leading in Education is funded through the DfE’s Equality and Diversity programme and seeks to address the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles – particularly senior roles in the secondary sector.

Coaches volunteer their time, expertise and passion to support aspiring women leaders by increasing their confidence, unlocking their potential and building their resilience. Once a coach is approved, their profile is added to a coaching directory that teachers can use to search for a coach to suit their needs.

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