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The KYRA Alliance is a thriving, collaborative community of over 50 primary schools in Lincolnshire.

Part of Anthem Schools Trust, the KYRA Alliance helps school leaders and teachers connect and work together on many aspects of school improvement and support one another.

Flagship projects for the KYRA Alliance include Headteacher Performance Management, peer review and KYRA Kids.

KYRA Kids Council

The Kyra Kids Council is a unique collaboration across the alliance, putting pupil voice at the heart of its activities, and giving children an opportunity to contribute to school improvement and experience enriching activities.

The children play a really valuable part in school improvement through their learning visits to other schools. When the Kyra Kids Council visits a school within the alliance, there is usually an opportunity for the Headteacher to identify an area – very often based on the school’s improvement plan. The learning visits usually involve a learning walk, pupil interviews, and the chance for children to complete a feedback form, which is then shared with the school’s Headteacher.

The Council provides the pupils with a sense of responsibility, but also an enthusiasm and motivation for learning and working with others and contributing ideas to their own schools. The children are all very keen to take ideas away from other schools and bring them back to their own schools, sharing them with their pupil councils and their teachers.

The Council has a big influence in improving the confidence of some pupils who really benefit from these opportunities to interact with other children and adults outside their own context. The opportunities provided through the activities, having a real voice within schools and experiencing social opportunities can be transformational for some children.