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Blog: Training at the chalkface has set me up for my new teaching career

When Jonno Mulhern decided a career change was in order, he found the perfect way to fulfil his ambition of becoming a teacher as a student of the Deepings school-based training programme.

At the age of 29, after six successful yet unfulfilling years working for a multi-national car rental company, I decided it was time to turn to what I had always wanted to do and retrain to become a primary teacher. 

Having taken the plunge, I looked at the plethora of training options available to me and settled on the The Deepings SCITT for two reasons.  Firstly, I had to take into account how I learn. I realised that if I enrolled as a university student, I would be spending more time in the lecture hall than I would in the classroom.  As an energetic practitioner in all I do, I wanted to be involved, working with the children and those who were teaching day to day.  A SCITT course provided this option, with four days a week spent working in a local school and one day a week in core training. Secondly, post-training employment prospects were better than for university-based courses.

From the start of the SCITT course I have felt like part of a family.  My host school has made me very welcome and my input has been encouraged from day one.  Having a specially trained mentor based in my school means I receive practical feedback every day;  I feel I have made a friend and have someone I can go to with any worries who is always looking out for me.

Outside of my host school I have also made good friends with my colleagues on the course.  Having weekly training with them gives me a chance to catch up and share our combined experiences.  I found having this level of peer support to be very valuable, as it comes from those going through the same process and who understand your situation.  

Once I have qualified I am looking forward to having my own class. Just over two terms in, I now itch for the chance to teach and love standing in front of the class and trying out new teaching techniques.  The children in the classes always have something new to say - and working in a primary classroom provides many great opportunities for fun things like fancy dress, from festive occasions to immersive topic lessons!

I would highly recommend The Deepings SCITT to anyone interested in teaching. I have felt supported by the team from the moment I first applied to the course, and constantly inspired by my colleagues' obvious love for their vocation. There really is no substitute for seeing a school in action to learn how to be part of one.

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