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Research bursaries

As part of our commitment to evidence-informed education, each year we invite individuals and groups in our schools to apply for a research bursary. Successful applicants receive up to £2,000, as well as support and guidance to take forward a research project within their school. The support and guidance is provided by Education Development Trust’s research team, and the expectation is that the research will be shared within the school and across the Trust to inform practice.

Research is not limited to teachers undertaking post-graduate study, but to anyone with a burning question about any topic of interest to the school or Trust. It should be directly linked to an aspect of the school development or improvement plan and/or to a known Trust-wide priority. It may focus on a specific group of learners or an area of teaching that is of strategic interest.

Engagement in disciplined and innovative research enables individual and groups of practitioners to develop research skills, build capacity within schools to undertake research (using, analysing, and evaluating the evidence) and develop reflexivity so that practice-based research becomes embedded as an effective tool for school improvement.

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